Take heart my friends

Take heart
Take heart

Recovery takes time, courage, encouragement and faith. To those whom I have wiped the tears from your eyes when times were tough and to those whom your stories of continuous search for healing have touched me. Here’s an illustration. Take heart my friends, your season of healing will come.



Success is not a push button action

We are too conditioned to the “I want it now” attitude towards success. I simply call it the push button attitude. I blame the media for sending out messages that it is possible to get what you want instantly, anytime and anywhere.

There are so many companies promoting get rich quick solutions, hundred and one ways to lose weight in fourteen days, how to become an expert in 24 hours, etc. etc. etc. These companies are simply driven to convert consumers into customers. That’s their strategy and gradually we buy into the possibility of getting what we want instantly through the media. If you listen to a message long enough, you will start to believe it’s true.

When we are conditioned to think “I want it now”, we often find it difficult to work towards a goal the old-fashioned way, which is – diligently, consistently, honestly, persistently and patiently. I am telling you in the long run the old-fashioned way is the only effective way to achieve what we want.

Here is an experiment I would like to share. I want to stay healthy and in order to stay healthy, there are certain things I have to do regularly like exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthy food, etc. And repeat the healthy activities consistently every day.

But, I always lack the passion to exercise regularly. When I run on the thread mill on the weekend, I would always feel out of breath. There was no consistency in my breathing pattern. That’s because I only exercise on weekend and not daily.

In the last nine months I started doing things differently. I have been walking more and I have been chasing after the train (when I was late for work). I have also been walking up the escalator and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Throughout the nine months, I have not gone to the gym or run on a thread mill. I am not ashamed to admit I have been lazy on the weekend. After all, weekend is the time to put our feet up and indulge in some self gratification like Netflix, eating out, doing things that make us feel relaxed and happy.

This morning I decided to put aside all the self gratification and I went to the gym and ran for 30 minutes on the thread mill. To my surprise, I was not breathless. In fact my breathing was consistent and I could run with ease. That’s the result of spending committed time each day to walk more, climb more stairs, run after more trains, etc. The commute activities have helped me improve my stamina.

The point is, we already know the “I want it now” attitude will never bring us closer to achieving our goals. It is spending a slice of committed time every day on activities that will help us succeed that makes the difference. There’s no easy way to win with satisfaction except to put in time every day and to improve gradually. And most importantly, to keep doing it over and over.