Change is Good

At some point in our lives, we need to experience change. We need change to bring us out of our comfort zone and start doing the things we have been procrastinating, things we add to our bucket list in the hope to make it happen someday.

I have been keeping a bucket list for years, wishing things would change and I can cross out each item in the list. Of course that did not happen until I took charge and went after what I wanted most. What I wanted most required change.

Taking charge in 2015. 2015 is a year of change. To be more specific a lifestyle change.

Moving from a daily commute of 50 miles by car to the heart of Surrey, to a daily commute of 20 miles by train and the tube to the heart of London. That’s a lifestyle change!

Painfully changing my sleep habit by giving up 2 extra hours of sleep each weekday, waking up early to read and prepare for the day. That’s another lifestyle change.

Starting a 100 day London photography project as a way to discover more of the city I love. That’s a change in perspective.

Put into practice all I have learnt in the last 18 months. I call this “Being curious about data”. This is a change in the mindset and learning to use the tools and ideas to learn how to visualise and analyse data. That’s a paradigm change.

Change is never easy but it is always good. Change will take us where we have never been before. It is a journey worth taking. If you are undecided, go take a walk and make a list. Then ask yourself, how much do you want the things you have written down. Deep down you will know what change is required and then take the courage to make it happen. Change is action. To quote Joyce Meyer, “Do it afraid” if you know the change is necessary.

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